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We are geared to the telecommunications market, offering a range of integrated services in this area, focusing on quality, diversity and innovation of our services and having as principle the total satisfaction of our customers.

For more information about our services please contact us.

We want to thank our employees, customers , suppliers and partners who believed in us.


Choosing Drivetel as a partner is a smart choice for providing safety communications systems (TETRA / FM ), offering a range of services, such as RF Planning, commissioning, integration services and the late ...

Drivetel is certifiedin PIM (Passive Inter-Modulation) services. We have carried out meassurements in PIM services in Portugal (for all three local operators) and in international markets (A ...

The DRIVETEL in order to evolve and continue to provide quality services, is pleased to announce its move to new premises.

Soon we will put pictures online of our new facilities.


It is with great pleasure that we present the new image of DRIVETEL, more modern and professional. Associated with the change of the logo was developed a new website, more information and how the ai ...




The Drivetel has the following certifications:

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Drivetel Serviços e Projectos de Telecomunicações S. A.


EMAIL: geral@drivetel.pt

TEL: +351 21 973 01 24

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